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CHÂTEAU NICO LAZARIDI ΛΕΥΚΟ 2019Château Nico Lazaridi White 2019 just won the Gold Medal at the Berliner Wine Trophy international competition which was held in Berlin on February 20-23.

The flagship wine of NICO LAZARIDI winery has been distinguished in the largest and most important international wine competition organized under the auspices of OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine).


The 228 Berlin Wine Trophy independent jury members have tasted, singled out and awarded Château Nico Lazaridi White 2019 for its delightful blend that combines the aromatic richness and structure of Sauvignon Blanc with the crunchy acidity of Ugni Blanc and the floral brush strokes by the Muscat of Alexandria.

Over 7,500 wines from 34 countries entered the famous wine competition that serves as a benchmark for the industry, reflecting the trends of the global wine market.


A total of 7,590 wines competed in the 24th Berliner Wine Trophy – Winter Tasting 2020, out of which 2,276 won a distinction, 30%, according to OIV rules. Specifically, 27 wines were awarded the Grand Gold Medal, 2,077 the Gold Medal and 172 the Silver Medal.


It is worth noting that last year, Château Nico Lazaridi White 2018 was awarded the Gold Medal at the Asia Wine Trophy and the Silver at the Berlin Wine Trophy.

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