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Nico Lazaridi

NICO LAZARIDI has earned widespread recognition as one of the pioneering companies that, over the course of its 35-year history, has played a significant role in the revival of Greek wine and the reestablishment of the Drama region as a prominent wine-producing area.


In the late 1970s, Nicos Lazaridis decided to transform his deep passion for the world of wine into a business venture. Focusing on the Drama region, his place of origin, he drew upon his experiences from Tuscany, where he had resided for a period. He initiated the establishment of vineyards in various locations and, in a pioneering move, launched the first viticultural and winemaking company in the prefecture of Drama in 1987. This initial winery, founded in Drama, remains solely owned by the Nico Lazaridis family.


In his quest for the ideal vineyards within the diverse terroirs of Drama, he selected the Agora community due to its optimal location, unique topography, and rich winemaking heritage. In 1997, he constructed the Château Nico Lazaridi Winery at a strategic site with commanding views of the entire plain and the majestic Mount Pangaio.


Within the winery, the renowned “Magic Mountain” art gallery was established to house and exhibit artworks specially created for this wine label. Moreover, artworks adorn most of the common areas. In 2000, the MAKEDON winery was founded at the base of Mount Pangeon, aiming to showcase the products of the broader Macedonian region and craft contemporary, high-quality wines.


Today, NICO LAZARIDI produces over 1,300,000 bottles of wine annually and exports its products to 21 countries worldwide.

Panoramic View of Chateau Nico Lazaridi winery

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