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Nico Lazaridi

Feel free to visit our two wineries,Château Nico Lazaridi in Drama and Mackedon in Kavala, our vineyards, our wine producing facilities and “The Magic Mountain” art gallery.

Here, you can find information on our company and our products, on the procedure of vinification we use, you can admire remarkable pieces of art or get in contact with our distributers.

In addition, you can get information on the company news and on the events taking place inside or outside our wineries.

κρασιά λαζαρίδη - nico lazaridi

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New Releases

Perpetuus Red 2017

Perpetuus Red

Κρασιά Λαζαρίδη - Perpetuus Λευκό

Perpetuus White

μαγικό βουνό λευκό κρασί λαζαριδη

Magic Mountain White