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Οινοποιείο Καβάλας - Μακεδών

The Mackedon Winery

Pieria valley in the Prefecture of Kavala is one of the most fertile regions – in quality and quantity terms – in wine producing grape. Despite the fact that it is only a few kilometers away from the winery NICO LAZARIDI in Drama, we thought it was appropriate to locate our new winery there. It is built in the heart of the vineyard area, at the hillside of mount Pangeon, and more specifically in the local community of Platanotopos.

Our goal was to complement our wine varieties with products different from those produced in Drama, by taking advantage of the excellent region terroir.

The plants occupy 2.600 sq.m. and include vinification, production, bottling and storage areas, cellars, offices and a hall for wine tasting and other purposes.

The winery’s architectural conception focuses on a modern and minimal design combining contemporary and yet classic materials. The aim was the creation of a building in harmony with the landscape and the characteristic structuring of the area.

At the Winery Mackedon,the company NICO LAZARIDI produces the wine families of Lion d’Or Chardonnay and Lion d’Or Cabernet Sauvignon,The Black Sheep Semillon-Sauvignon and The Black Sheep Syrah, with screw caps type stelvin. Recently, a new category was added, the Queen of Hearts and the King of Hearts. Here, at the Winery Mackedon all wines are labeled as Protected Geographical Indication Pangeon and Macedonia.



Οινοποιείο Καβάλας - Οινοποιείο Μακεδών

Pieria valley, on the south of Pangeon Mountain and the south-east of Symvolo Mountain, is a blessed region, renowned from ancient years for its fertile soil and climate. Its hillsides, protected by the surrounding mountains, and the waters of Marmara river offered great cultivation potentials to the locals, and favored the production of grapes and other crops.

Nowadays, in Pieria valley lies one of the most famous wine-producing areas.

NICO LAZARIDI Winery has established its vineyards in the fertile valley of the local community of Platanotopos.

The vineyard, which literally lies on the foothills of Pangeon Mountain, occupies approximately 8 hectares. It consists of the white variety of Chardonnay and the red varieties of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. The region has a long tradition in the cultivation of vines and as the winery collaborates with many local producers, production needs are met by long standing collaborations.