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From Contemplation, to Creation

The “Magic Mountain White”, the famous ICON WINE, just added a new chapter in its long history as the new vintage, 2019, has been bottled. An opportunity for his fans around the world to look out for the top-quality wine experience it offers along with a collectible bottle as a new painting adorns the label every year.


Icon Wine

Mountain Magic White comes from a land rich in history and cultural heritage. It is surrounded by the mountains Falakro in the north, Menoikio in the north-west and at southeast overlooks at the mystical Pangaion, our Magic Mountain, a place associated to the Dionysian cult and the ancient treasures of great Macedonian kings.


The product is NICO’S LAZARIDIS symbol, which added Drama to the Greek wine map and is the demonstration of a constant pursuit for the best wine result.


Labelled under the Protected Geographical Indication Agora.  The area of Agora includes the boundaries of the local communities of Agora and Pigadia Megas Alexandros of the Municipality of Doxato, in the regional section of Drama. It covers a very small area, with a particular vineyard ecosystem (terroir), different from the rest of Drama. The ideal temperatures and the absence of rainfall have as a result low disease pressure, creating ideal conditions for high quality grapes.


Every vintage a new and different painting is on the label. For the “Magic Mountain White” 2019, we have the painting created by the artist George Koftis.



Is a painting of big dimensions (1.20Χ 1.60m), which impresses you from the first look: on an intense blue background, a human figure with his head leaned down in a seated pose, it seems like his is thinking and he is introspective. The unusual body position and the intense color create a contrast between the figure and the surroundings, which captures you.

Going in depth regarding the symbols of this painting, the artist reveals what he wanted to attribute: “The human’s proximity to the earth, the living matter that we all are. The human that looks and finds inside him centuries, history, soil, water and wine. He finds the big as well as the small things. He hovers but also he is humiliated. Above all, he thinks, he reflects and then he creates. The Sorrow becomes the BEGINNING, the stimulus. It is the calm before the storm, the storm before the light”.


The labels for Magic Mountain white & red have been adorned with original works by artists from Greece and abroad, such as Giannis Nikos, Opi Zouni, Giannis Valyrakis, George Taxidis and others. All the labels are original art creations, inspired to pair up with each “Magic Mountain” vintage, representing almost all the art movements: from romantism and realism, to surrealism, abstraction and symbolism. Different visuals and styles that have an invisible connection – the bottle of a legendary wine!


About the artist

George Koftis was born in Thessaloniki and studied painting in Florence and the School of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where he graduated in 2007. He has participated in dozens of solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and has been involved in set design, illustration, murals and teaching.






VARIETIES: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

VINIFICATION – MATURATION: The fermentation temperatures differ according to the plot. It matures for at least 6 months in selected oak barrels with the fine lees and batonnage.

COLOR: Pale gold

TASTING NOTES: In the nose mature fruits reminiscent of peach, melon, mango and botanical notes. Aromas harmonically combined with the sweet aromas of vanilla, coconut. Balanced in the mouth, full bodied with pleasant acidity, long aftertaste with the flavors following the nose and hints of dried nuts.

FOOD PAIRING: Ideal match for seafood dishes, like oily fish, shells, grilled calamari and pasta with seafood. White meat, poultry and pork, either plain or with white sauces. Moreover, it accompanies fatty meats, lamp and goat, thanks to its high acidity. White fresh but also medium aged cheese. Best Served at 10-13˚C.

STORAGE – AGING: One of the few white wines that is worth aging. Storage up to 8 years. The evolution of the bottle highlights tertiary aromas with dried fruits, peach jam, notes of honey, nuts, ginger and caramel.

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