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Perpetuus White made of… Gold!

We are proud to announce that our precious Perpetuus White 2018 has won the golden medal at the 26th MUNDUS VINI International Wine Competition! NICO LAZARIDI’s premium white wine won this high distinction among 7,500 wines from all around the world.


In the spring tasting of the prestigious wine competition MUNDUS VINI that concluded on Tuesday February 25, 268 judges from 54 countries singled out and highly rated Perpetuus White. In total, the jury awarded this year 43 Grand Gold, 1,546 Gold and 1,406 Silver medals.


PERPETUUS means continuous, everlasting, perpetual. This wine was created in 2004 at the NICO LAZARIDI Winery through a continuous quest of new tasting experiences and after a planning of many years and incessant vinifications in small individual batches. Only some 1,500 bottles per annum are currently produced of this single-variety wine from semillon grapes that have aged for 8 months in new acacia barrels.


Perpetuus White is characterized by its deep gold colour and a complex and pronounced nose, with aromas reminiscent of peach, melon, lime, elderflower and wet stones, combined with notes of white pepper, coconut, vanilla, honey and dried fruit. Full and balanced body, with flavours following those of the nose with a long finish. A wine that is suitable for ageing, thanks to its complexity and balance


Perpetuus White 2018 will be available for purchase in the next couple of weeks

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