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The Greek Revolution at Magic Mountain

The labels of the white and red wine MAGIC MOUNTAIN by NICO LAZARIDI that were released in 2021 are dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Revolution of 1821.


MAGIC MOUNTAIN, the first Greek icon-wine, first appeared 3 decades ago, bringing a “revolution” in the wine landscape of Greece with its high quality. Every year, his bottle is adorned with original works by artists from Greece and abroad, artistic creations, inspired to accompany each harvest of the “Magic Mountain”.For 2021, we selected 2 works by two young Greek artists because they connect the past with the present and the Antiquity with the Revolution in a unique way.


A bottle of Nico Lazaridi's MAGIC MOUNTAIN White 2020 wineMagic Mountain White 2020: From antiquity, to 1821

For the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution and the Magic Mountain White 2020, we chose a symbol of struggle and freedom with a global scope – the Victory of Samothrace.The painting has been created by George Koftis, who says about its creation: “Niki travels beyond her bow, to the fertile Macedonian countryside. She emerges from the water, above the vine. She travels from Samothrace to the ends of the world, carrying her message, which is change, courage, struggle, revolution and finally Victory, Niki – herself. Its message, indelible in the perpetuation of time, to inspire us humble people by the hand of the unknown ancient sculptor “.


A 0.75lt bottle of Magic Mountain Red 2016
Magical Mountain Red 2016: “For Faith & Homeland”

Two symbols of the Greek Revolution of 1821 adorn the Magical Mountain Red of 2016: the helmet of General Theodoros Kolokotronis and the call “For Faith” of the leader of the “Filiki Eteria” Alexandros Ypsilantis.The creator of the painting, Giannis Gygourtakis states: “With this composition I depict the beginning and the end of the Greek Revolution in a red environment. The red color is also the essential theme of the work: the red of fire, the red of blood, the red of excitement, the red of overthrow, the red of life, the red of wine “.


MAGIC MOUNTAIN is the product – symbol of the wine company that “put” Drama as a top spot on the wine map, the result of the uninterrupted search of NICO LAZARIDI for the best wine result.It comes from a place with a rich history and great cultural heritage. The vineyards are protected by the mountains Falakro in the north and Menoikio in the north-west while in the southeast they “see” the golden Paggaio – our Magic Mountain. This term has associated its name with the Dionysian cult and the gold of the Macedonian kings.

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