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The Magic Mountain white wine, produced from Sauvignon Blanc variety, since its first release in 1993 and until today is a characteristic product of NICO LAZARIDI’s unique quality. Its fans seek it every year, not only for its taste, but also for its unique bottle that changes its label after every new harvest.

The Magic Mountain refers to the gold of Mount Pangeon that rises impressively opposite the Château Νico Lazaridi Winery. It also relates to the worship of greek god Dionysus, the treasure hunting stories of Alexander the Great and constitutes a crossroad for cultures between East and West for thousands of years.

The label for the “Magic Mountain White 2022” is decorated with the painting created by the German artist Carita Schmidt. The artwork is named”La Mere” and is inspired by the life-giving sea, as a generative source that nourishes and unites the world. Making a play with words, Schmidt simultaneously refers to the mother and the feminine energy, the nature that cares and looks after her children.

“It is an iconic representation of the longing we all have for freedom and connection. These two polar opposites attract us and send us on our way again and again. The project is dedicated to Greece, to the sparkling dreams and memories that connect me to the Aegean. The sunny and golden shape in the center and the liquid, transparent, vast blue merge in La Mere, traveling and enthralling us”, says the artist.

About the artist

Carita Schmidt was born in Germany. Since 2012 she lives and works in Berlin. In 1983-86 she completed her studies at the University of Cinema, Television and Theater (Dramatiska Institutet), Stockholm. She lived in Greece from 1990 to 2011. During that time, she ran her own art studio and private art school in Kavala and in Athens. She has participated in more than fifty group exhibitions in Sweden, Germany, Greece, Montenegro and the USA. Her works have previously graced the labels for Magic Mountain Red 1997 and Magic Mountain White 2000.

Type of wine: Dry White Wine.

Appellation: Protected Geographical Indication Agora.

Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc 100%.

Vinification Techniques: Fermentation temperatures differ for each plot. It matures for at least 6 months in selected oak barrels. At the same time, we perform batonnage on fine wine lees.

Analytical Data:
Alcoholic strength: 12.5%
Acidity: 5.55g/l.

Reducing sugars: 1.57g/l

Tasting Notes: Bright yellow color. Intense nose with aromas of tropical and citrus fruits. Sulfur notes that are harmonically combined with notes of vanilla and sweet spices from the six-month maturation in oak barrels. Full and oily body, with crisp acidity and long aftertaste.

Aging: One of the few white wines that is worth aging. Storage up to 8 years. The evolution in the bottle highlights tertiary aromas with dried fruits, peach jam, notes of honey, nuts, ginger and caramel.

Perfect Pairing: This is a complex wine, ideally combined with a wide range of flavors: seafood dishes, such as fatty fish, shellfish, grilled squid and pasta with seafood. At the same time, it is an ideal combination for white meats, such as poultry and pork, either plain or with white sauces. Try it with fatty meats, such as goat and lamb – thanks to its high acidity, it blends harmoniously. Ideal combination for both white fresh and moderately aged cheeses. Served best at 10-13 ° C.