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Perpetuus in Latin means  lasting, everlasting, eternal.


NICO LAZARIDI, through a continuous search for new taste experiences and qualitative excellence and after many years of planning and continuous micro-vinifications, created in 2004 a family of wines that are released in a limited number of bottles, which win the battle with time as they have great aging potential.

NICO LAZARIDI does not stop the constant search for new taste experiences and qualitative excellence. After many years of planning and continuous microvinifications, we created and present a new wine: PERPETUUS CHARDONNAY comes to stand next to Perpetuus Semillon and Perpetuus Cabernet Franc- Mavroudi and thus completes our premium wine family.

Type of wine: Dry White Wine.

Appellation: Protected Geographical Indication Agora.

Varieties: 100% Chardonnay

Vinification Method: Classic white wine vinification, 9-month maturation in oak barrels of 500L.

Analytical Data:
Alcohol: 12%
Total Acidity: 5.2 g/l
Residual Sugar: 1.25 g/l

Tasting Notes: Bright gold colour. Intense and complex nose, with aromas of stone and citrus fruits, hints of floral notes which combine harmonically with aromas of sweet spices, butter, white chocolate and caramel. Full and oily mouth from the 9-month maturation in oak barrel. Long and complex aftertaste.

Perfect Pairing: Served chilled at 10-13ΟC, an excellent match for seafood dishes, like oily fish, shells, grilled calamari and past with seafood. White meat, poultry and pork, either plain or with white sauces. Moreover, it accompanies fatty meats, lamp and goat, thanks to its high acidity. White fresh but also medium aged cheese.