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“Moments” of joy The new MAGIC MOUNTAIN WHITE 2021

We are pleased and proud to inform you that the bottling of the 2021 harvest for the “Magic Mountain White” has just begun! This is the famous ICON WINE by NICO LAZARIDI, from 100% Sauvignon Blanc. The coveted white aging wine that has written history in the Greek vineyards is about to start its long journey around the world! Last year’s harvest of 2020, with a label commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, was sold out in less than 9 months! In just a few days, the loyal friends of the Magic Mountain will be able to own the unsurpassed wine experience that it offers, as well as its collectible label, which every year is adorned by a new work of art.


Icon Wine

The Magic Mountain White is produced in a place rich of history and great cultural heritage. Surrounded by the mountains of Falakro in the north and Menoikio in the northwest and southeast, it located opposite to the golden Paggaio – our Magic Mountain, which has associated its name with the cult of God Dionysios and the search for treasures by the Kings of Macedonia.


The product – symbol of the wine company that added Drama on the wine map- is the culmination of NICO LAZARIDI’s uninterrupted search for the best wine result.


It is labeled “Protected Geographical Indication Agora”, a viticultural area that includes the local communities Agora and Pigadia of the Municipality of Doxato. Overall, this is a very small zone, a special ecosystem of vineyards (terroir), which differs climatologically and soil-wise from the rest of Drama Region. Here, the ideal temperatures and the absence of rainfall and diseases in the vineyards offer the most suitable conditions for the production of high-quality grapes.


The labels for the White & Red wine Magic Mountain have been decorated with original works by artists from Greece and abroad, such as Giannis Nikou, Opy Zouni, Giannis Valyrakis, George Taxidis and others. All the labels are original creations, inspired to accompany each vintage of the “Magic Mountain”, expressing almost all the trends of painting: from romanticism and realism, to surrealism, abstraction and symbolism. Different images and styles, that are connected with an invisible link – the bottle of the legendary wine!



The label for the “Magic Mountain White” vintage 2021 is adorned with a painting by Mikaella Theofanopoulou, a Greek artist who specializes in “one line art”, an expressive language with airy simplicity and many interpretations. This work is called “Moments”: an integral line in free flow starts  and ends embracing all along colors, glances, expressions and smiles. Green, yellow, blue and gold fill in the blanks and allow the viewer to enter the colorful perspective world of the painting.


The artist talks about her work: “People, different from each other, co-ngregate, co-touch and co-create their own Moments. Moments where our words are heard, our glasses that clink to one beat, our countless emotions, our vigorous mood and the spark of the mind and the wine.

M_theta_ (Mikaella Theofanopoulou) is an Athens (Greece) based independent artist & designer born in Tokyo (Japan). Drawing her inspiration from minimalism to expressionism, she communicates her abstract ideas with a refined single line visual language, perceived universally but subject to multiple interpretations. Her art is all about exploring genuineness in existing imperfection through the simplicity of a single line, rejecting everything superfluous. Her works invite you to discover that the most intricate sentiment can emerge even from a smooth, subtle line. The elegance of a less-is-more mentality and the variety of all these distinct emotions are reflected in her one-line drawings which currently depict people’s faces.  M_Theta_ encourages you to ”Embrace your inner ‘hygge’ through imperfect raw lines”.




White Dry Wine

Sauvignon Blanc 100%

13% alc.


Tasting notes: Bright yellow color. Intense nose with aromas of tropical and citrus fruits. Sulfur notes that blend harmoniously with notes of vanilla and sweet spices from the six-month maturation in oak barrels. Full and oily body, with crisp acidity and long aftertaste.

Vinification Techniques: Fermentation temperatures differ for each plot. It matures for at least 6 months in selected oak barrels. At the same time, we perform batonnage on fine wine lees.

Aging: One of the few white wines that is worth aging. Storage up to 8 years. The evolution in the bottle highlights tertiary aromas with dried fruits, peach jam, notes of honey, nuts, ginger and caramel.

Perfect Pairing: This is a complex wine, ideally combined with a wide range of flavors: seafood dishes, such as fatty fish, shellfish, grilled squid and pasta with seafood. At the same time, it is an ideal combination for white meats, such as poultry and pork, either plain or with white sauces. Try it with fatty meats, such as goat and lamb – thanks to its high acidity, it blends harmoniously. Ideal combination for both white fresh and moderately aged cheeses. Served best at 10-13 ° C.