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The Queen of Hearts – an everyday, precious wine which will steal your heart for good. The NICO LAZARIDI through Mackedon Winery expanded its wine production in 2011 by creating a new category of wines closer to everyday life.

For the production of the Queen of Hearts white wine we chose the Greek varieties of Assyrtiko – a Greek phenomenon spread worldwide – Roditis, Muscat of Alexandria, and the cosmopolitan variety of Chardonnay and Ugni Blanc.

Part of the same wine family as King of Hearts

Type of wine: Dry White Wine

Varietals: Chardonnay, Assyrtiko, Roditis, Muscat of Alexandria, Ugni Blanc.

Vinification Method: Classic white wine vinification at low temperature.

Analytical Data :
Alcohol: 12 %
Total Acidity: 5,4g/l
Residual Sugar: 1.55 g/l
pH: 3.45

Tasting Notes: Bright green yellow color with a gentle nose of white-flesh fruits and distinctive aromas of spring flowers. A wine with a surprising fine structure. Pleasant mouth and refreshing aftertaste.

Aging: Will respond to aging for up to 2 years after harvest.

Perfect Pairing: Served at 8-10oC, an excellent match for Mediterranean dishes, fish, seafood, pasta dishes and green salads.