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Harvest 2023


Harvest 2023

This year, Nico Lazaridi conducted harvests in four distinct winemaking regions: Agora of Drama, Platanotopos of Kavala, Naoussa, and Amyntaio.

Nico Lazaridi VineyardThe manual and mechanical harvest in the broader Agora region concluded in mid-September. Despite the challenges, this year can be rightfully characterized as one of the most remarkable in the past two decades. While the yields per hectare were relativelymodest, the quality of the harvested grapes was exceptionally high.


In the Platanotopos area, situated at the base of Mount Pangeon, the harvest is still ongoing. Approximately 90% of the harvest has been completed, with only the red grape varieties remaining to be harvested. Fortunately, this particular region was unaffected by severe natural events and diseases, resulting in excellent yields per hectare and high-quality grape material.


In Naoussa, the harvest of Xinomavro grapes commenced on September 25th for the production of rosé wine, with the harvest for long-aging red wine scheduled for the upcoming weeks.


In the Amyntaio region, where NICO LAZARIDI is harvesting for the first time, all the white grape varieties have already been harvested, and we are eagerly awaiting the ripening of the Xinomavro grapes.