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THE WISE OWL ελαιολαδο nico lazaridi


The 30 year old experience of Nico Lazaridi in viticulture and winemaking has prompted us to deal with the same passion with olive oil, a product that is perfectly identified with Greece and an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. We chose this extra virgin olive oil to remain unfiltered in order to highlight its natural fruity flavor, color and nutrients that remain richer and unaltered.

Variety: Koroneiki

Cultivation: Olive groves in average soil conditions. Pruning is appropriate, correctly and timely in combination with proper irrigation and fertilization.

Date of collection: The harvest starts early in October, when the fruit is still green, not fully matured.

Oil extraction: Produced only with natural methods and mechanical processes, without any chemical addition, without impurities and without any further processing.

Growing practices and pressure have maintained a high level of quality characteristics of olive oil as a whole.

Chemical Analisis :
Acidity: < 0,5%
No. Peroxides: < 15 meqO2 /Kg
Κ232 : < 2,00
K270 : < 0,20
Waxes: < 150 mg/kg

Organoleptic characteristics: Greenish color due to early harvesting of the fruit. Dominating green apple aromas of freshly cut grass and artichoke. The mouth is filled with a moderate volume of bitter and spicy. It is well balanced with a long, intense aftertaste.

Storage: Store in shady and cool environment.

Perfect match: Ideal use raw in salads, boiled and grilled vegetables. Accompanies perfectly grilled meats and fish also Greek cheeses.