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nico lazaridi

Our history

Genesis of love, birth of wine

Love for History and Art, passion for Wine.

The strong motivations that pushed Nikos Lazaridis to create one of the leading wineries in Greece.

Nicos Lazaridis, a successful entrepreneur in the field of marble, never hid his love for the field of wine, a love that grew to become a business activity.

His journey to the magical world of wine lasted more than two decades and led him, in 1987, to the creation of the NICO LAZARIDI Winery in the promising area of East Macedonia, and more specifically in the Prefecture of Drama. His family remains the sole shareholder of this first winery founded in Drama.

νικος λαζαριδης

Ιn search of the place where he will plant the new vineyards, he chose the area of the Agora, for the ideal location, the unique morphology and the remarkable viticultural tradition. In 1997, the Château Lazaridi Winery was erected at a strategic point, overlooking the entire plain and the imposing volume of Mount Paggaio.

NICO LAZARIDI Winery gave another dimension to the world of Greek wine, leading the way a combination of all the senses and the creation of a complete experience. Inside the winery, the famous “Magic Mountain Gallery” was created, hosting the works of all the artists who created the labels of the iconic brand. But Château Lazaridi’s public areas are filled with works of art: paintings and sculptures, in an eternal dialogue between wine, brush and chisel.

These choices soon led the company to top results and fine products and very soon NICO LAZARIDI wines managed to win over the wine-loving public in Greece and abroad.

Nikos Lazaridis charted the path in search for perfection, giving the baton to the next generations who carry on his legacy.