Nico Lazaridi created a new range of handmade breadsticks, which are specially crafted in order to pair perfecty with wine. As a basis, we use pure ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet and manage to create a selection of bakery products as a complete tasting assortment for both white and red wine.
It is available in 2 separate packages (1 for white and 1 for red wine), each containing 3 different flavors!

The Sage and the Thyme flavors are ideal for white wines

The Dried tomato with oregano and the Kefalotyri cheese are an excellent match for red wines.

The Sea Salt from Kythera are perfect to have both with white and red wines.

The red wines’ range can also match a dry or semi dry rosé wine.




*Each pack contains approximately 100 portions
*Perfect pair with cold cuts and cheeses